Spare Parts

Efficient equipment is as good as the maintenance plan and it can be sum up in three core values. The values are periodic inspection, replacement of damaged parts, and practicing preventive maintenance ideology. At MGS offshore we nurture these core values to move our company forward and become the leader in providing maintenance solution. One of it is providing the correct spare parts for the correct equipment. This includes:

  • Bottom Outlets
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Level Gages
  • Bursting Discs
  • Replacement Nameplates
  • Dip Sticks
  • Manlid Assemblies
  • Hammer
  • Lugs
  • Couplings
  • Drip Caps
  • Swing Bolts

With an extensive range of customer base globally, MGS Offshore is committed in finding the right spare parts replacement with regards to the original unit manufacturer. We can be contacted using the form below. Feel free to contact us.


An operator’s commitment in ensuring safe and quality working environment includes refurbishing offshore tanks and offshore container. Return on investment could also be emphasize due to this practice. By refurbishing offshore tanks and offshore container, an operator will slash out the need of replacement and this will reduce the operating cost to run its business.

MGS Offshore methodology ensures complete package of refurbishment which includes:

  • Complete analysis of offshore container and offshore tanks.
  • Provides the best approach to complete equipment refurbishment
  • Carrying out refurbishing job efficiently and ensuring quality and safety during job execution
  • Recertification of units with strategic certification company


MGS Offshore commitment in providing complete engineering solution goes beyond boundaries. This includes recertification requirement which can be a bit of exiting. MGS Offshore has extensive engagement with a vast array of approval agencies which includes DNV-GL, ABS, RSA, Lyods Register, ABS, BV, NSAI and RSA. This will ensure complete package assistance in navigation of rules and regulations. Although it can be logistically challenging, MGS Offshore takes responsibility in ensuring process of recertification goes off smoothly without any glitch. Feel free to contact MGS Offshore for any enquiry of recertification process.

Engineering Services

Providing solid engineering solution for vast array of client globally is MGS Offshore upmost priority. MGS Offshore backbone is a team of dedicated engineers which qualified to provide solutions in mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. MGS Offshore can be summarized in three categories:

  • Providing solution on arising issues that interferes with smooth operation a client’s company
  • Bespoke solution in terms of re-design and consultancy for current existing product
  • Provides in depth solution and consultancy on design of new products based on client’s needs

Our solution background includes:

  • Design life assessment
  • Design life inspection and Remaining Life analysis
  • Fluid dynamics / Structural Combined Analysis
  • Calculations to Offshore Codes
  • Structural Analysis
  • Bolting Design
  • Natural Frequency / Resonant Analysis
  • Wind and Wave Loading Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Material Selection
  • Corrosion Protection

MGS Offshore is committed in providing engineering services for client’s need and requirement. This is due to the fact, our engineering service is supported with large R&D department and we are constantly emphasized on improvement of our solution with respect to current technology.

ImageAt MGS Offshore people from various background, engineers, technicians, admin, accountant and even our chief operating executive came to work with one mindset. To offer creative, reliable and complete solution to our clients that are looking for offshore container with various application. We are proud with our product that is certified to DNV 2.7-1 / 2.7-2 / 2.7-3 / EN 12079 / A60.
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ImageOur CCU's are built with the leading factories in DNV manufacturing in the World.

Our product is certified by DNV , Lloyd's , Bureau Veritas , ABS , API and fully certified from material selection through final load testing and every step in between.
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