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Spare Parts

Efficient equipment is as good as the maintenance plan and it can be sum up in three core values


An operator’s commitment in ensuring safe and quality working environment includes refurbishing offshore tanks and offshore container


MGS Offshore commitment in providing complete engineering solution goes beyond boundaries

Engineering Services

Providing solid engineering solution for vast array of client globally is MGS Offshore upmost priority


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    The Standards We Pursue

    MGS Offshore

    At MGS Offshore people from various background, engineers, technicians, admin, accountant and even our chief operating executive came to work with one mindset. To offer creative, reliable and complete solution to our clients that are looking for offshore container with various application.

    We are more than service providedOur product that is certified to DNV 2.7-1 / 2.7-2 / 2.7-3 / EN 12079 / A60

    We Are Proud Of OurFeature Products

    Offshore Basket​

    Able to design wide range of tool basket for transportation and storage of tools and equipment

    Container & Basket


    Offshore Tank Container

    Able to design and fabricate container for IBC Tanks, Offshore Chemical Tanks, Acid Tanks and so forth

    Container & Basket


    Offshore Mini Container

    Featured with forklift pockets and top-corner pad eye for the purpose of safe and secure transportation

    Container & Basket


    Offshore Freezer Container

    DNV 2.7-1 or EN 12079 compliant which ensures highest quality

    Specialised Offshore Modules