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Providing solid engineering solution for vast array of client globally is MGS Offshore upmost priority. MGS Offshore backbone is a team of dedicated engineers which qualified to provide solutions in mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. MGS Offshore can be summarized in three categories:

Providing solution on arising issues that interferes with smooth operation a client’s company

Bespoke solution in terms of re-design and consultancy for current existing product

Provides in depth solution and consultancy on design of new products based on client’s needs

MGS Offshore methodology ensures complete package of refurbishment which includes:

  • Design life assessment
  • Design life inspection and Remaining Life analysis
  • Fluid dynamics / Structural Combined Analysis
  • Calculations to Offshore Codes
  • Structural Analysis
  • Bolting Design
  • Natural Frequency / Resonant Analysis
  • Wind and Wave Loading Analysis

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